Food Truck Installation


You just spent all of that money for a custom wrap, and it looks good. But it’s not drawing the attention it could at night. We can help. We’re offering a complete LED kit and full installation under the vehicle and on the outside of both the passenger and driver sides of the vehicle. All of our kits show just about every color imaginable and come with 40 preprogrammed patterns, most of which can be adjusted to your personal specifications. The kits are wired into four sections, allowing you to control the outside passengers, outside driver side, under the passenger side, and under the driver side individually, or in groups of up to four sections. Out kits have the capability to beat to the music, making it perfect for concerts. Best of all, out kits stand out so much that your customers will be taking pictures and video to upload to social media as they’re waiting for their food. In other words, your customers will happily advertise your business as they’re spending their money on your products. Could it possibly get any better?